All in a Day's Dance: a beautiful story of following one's passion

Introduction to the Novel - “All in a Day’s Dance: A Cyber Tale of Music”, by L.R.Lane is about how a woman transforms her thoughts and feelings into music when she is denied permission to dance.

‘Truchsia’, who is enraptured by her own creation ‘Suite Rebus’ calls him her “phenomenissant” manager.

Suite Rebus is everything but real.

What does he want from her?

The answers are to be searched for in the book, but they aren’t found instantly.

About the Author - L.R. Lane is an author and a composer.

He has learned how one component constructs its way throughout the creative process and how delusional thinking is the adversary of creativity. .. has illustrated it in his eBook, ‘All in a Day’s Dance’, and with the help of music named as ‘The TW Suite’, has intensified it. The first and only music/literature invention is listed alongside his name.

Summary of the Book - Some words that are stated in the prologue outline Truchsia as the main character. The importance that music holds in her life can also be inferred from the prologue itself.

Absence makes the heart fonder only because it loses its capacity to feel the substance, and it is then when we love the most, but one day her father said, “That’s enough. You’ll do no more dancing.” It broke her heart.


Despite her dad’s rigid decision, she continued to envision herself as a performer in beautiful dances, enacting different characters too. She became an expert at drawing the characters to compensate ...

However, there was one character who was both mysterious and alluring. She named him ‘Farrago’.

To make him phenomenal was vital to her concept. Hence she gave him authority. So to her, he would be a “phenomenissant” manager... in command of her collection of dances which she titled “The TW Suite”.

As time passed, she started seeing Farrago, sometimes when she had to make a decision, he appeared to show his authority. He even renamed himself as ‘Suite Rebus’, to match his personality.

One day when Truchsia demanded to know who he was, he replied, “What one always sees is not something that is there. Stays in one place, while being everywhere.” Truchsia... got lost in his music, but when she met Charles, the gardener, she understood who Suite Rebus was.

[It] is time for her to take back the reins and realize the truth of where the original suite of music has come from. Truchsia gains a grip over herself by the end of the story, where she encounters him and refuses to let him command her anymore.

The epilogue gives a message that, if there is a desire for something, that desire needs a direction to be fulfilled.

At the beginning of the story, Farrago was, as his name implies, merely a casual blend of impulse, perception, and desire along with everything else that is required to build a vision of future.

Farrago desires intensely to be valued and recognized...and assumes authority by simply demanding a greater status as Suite Rebus despite being unrealistic.

Her music never suffers, because no matter what, her every experience has music and a dance.

[The] gardener, points out to her that along with being artistic and inventive, one must also be practical and realistic - that even though Rebus provides her appealing new directions, being in command of her decisions would lead to sound judgments and better results.

All that glitters is not gold, and all that smells isn’t rotten.

Rebus might appear to be a negative character to everyone, but he [is not]. His love for Truchsia is eternal and genuine.

His only demand was to evaluate “both sides of the situation”, before making a decision. The negative result of the decision ... was never his fault.

[For] instance, she was about to deny marrying Winston on the grounds of a lack of strong feelings for him, but Rebus highlights the fact that she will gain financial security from this marriage, which she earlier she didn’t have. So, Rebus indeed does show his care for her.

Theme of the Book - The book highlights the importance of being in command of one’s judgment.

Being artistic and inventive is good, but along with it, one must also be practical and realistic and being unrealistic can lead to thoughts and actions that no one might be able to comprehend.

For instance, in the book, Farrago is unrealistic, but for Truchsia he is real and existent.

She devised him and gave him authority ... it was her artistic side assuming him to be real and adhering to his decisions... Along with that, we also realize how important it is that our dreams find a way to fulfillment. Because if they don’t, a sense of incompleteness surrounds us.

Some beautiful quotes from the book - “Everything we plan is like an idea on paper. It becomes real under the condition that we apply it to our own lives.”

“When you’re gifted and beautiful, always develop your talents or the dream within you becomes what you’ve been thinking of as, Suite Rebus, and it will sap your creativity mercilessly.”

“Rebus means a great deal to you, and will give you the vital fuel for your passionate desire, but only when he knows you as his leader.”

“Now that everything is said and done, my feelings are folded into the memory, and I will continue to feel the music, seeing that it’s really all in a day’s dance.”

My take on the book - (Ayushi Rai) This piece of work will make you think, and question yourself about the fulfillment of your dreams. It is important for everyone to understand, that each situation that requires a decision, needs to be evaluated from both sides. One should be able to make decisions for oneself. It is necessary that along with art and invention, we have rationality.

Rationality is the mother of all inventions. You will understand all these concepts when you read the book because you will know of the consequences when one does not act according to them. This book is, therefore, a must-read. I recommend this book, as it educates us on how we shouldn’t let someone overpower us. Because if we allow it to happen, the consequences would be adverse. One should read this book, to understand the significance of being practical and realistic in this world.

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