All in a Day's Dance Ebook for orchestral mp3 music


The TW Suite (a smartphone theater)

When a carefully planned design becomes upstaged by an eccentric director - an illusion - it is a vivid ballroom fantasy wrapped in musical sequences made for the kind of dances only an inventive mind can draw from.
      Program                                       Director's Vision                              The Drama of the Music
"A visionary work...An exciting piece [of music] that takes the listener on a real journey...Compelling modern classical piece that encompasses strong melodic contact and great musical movement - never a boring moment." -Jason Miles, New York based grammy award winning musician/producer

Ebook for orchestral mp3 music

A book for no one - only for the music to play
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Orchestral mp3 music for eBook

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Things to know. Orchestral music for fun in a concert hall playlisted as a puzzleGo find the way to the music.
Orchestral mp3 music for eBook Orchestral mp3 music for eBook Epilogue

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