All in a Day's Dance
The TW Suite
(a tale of wonder about music)

Ebook for orchestral mp3 music


In this portrayal of a carefully planned design that gets upstaged by an eccentric illusionary director - charismatic and flawed
but the perfect counterpart to complete a vision wrapped in musical sequences - anyone's day
is somebody's dance telling a story of its own.
"A visionary work...An exciting piece [of music] that takes the listener on a real journey...Compelling modern classical piece that encompasses strong melodic contact and great musical movement - never a boring moment." -Jason Miles, New York based grammy award winning musician/producer

Ebook for orchestral mp3 music

A book for no one - only for the music to play
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Orchestral mp3 music for eBook

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  First see the repertoire for the planned program.       
  See the director's design taken from a palette of ideals.
 The palette of ideals ends up in an amusement hall without the music.

The Design Phase
Things to know. Orchestral music for fun in a concert hall playlisted as a puzzleGo find the way to the music.
Orchestral mp3 music for eBook Orchestral mp3 music for eBook Epilogue

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