Play the music for the hopeful who dream while on a mapless quest.
One blue note button fits a scenario snippet to the music. A dynamic red note button awaits the longer version of the ebook story and music.
1) Distractions literally came her way by the minute, affecting her like a magnet dragging her down an incline into a swirling world of daydreams.

At inopportune times, random musing led to her visualizing being elsewhere.

2) One day, following an afternoon booking at the library, she heard music that was new to her, coming from the courtyard. Upon moving closer to hear more, she spotted a man seated on a bench playing a stringed instrument, and noted that he had no collection box. He was completely at peace in his countenance and his playing was simple, yet it had wisdom.

3) My people cherished this question, “What always sees what is not; yet is always here, all around?” he said. “Through this we remained as a family, even while traveling endlessly throughout the mountains.” He went back to playing his instrument and Truchsia listened for a short while longer.

While you are thinking catch the petal.

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