Play the music for the exuberant who hum together when the grapevine sours.
One blue note button fits a scenario snippet to the music. A dynamic red note button awaits the longer version of the ebook story and music.
1) “Wow!” Truchsia exclaimed, “You live in style!”

It was as if she was a spectator whose spirit had slipped through the crack of a closed curtain in a theatre, prior to a performance.

2) The sound of delicate piano music woke her earlier than normal the next morning. While straining to see clearly in the early morning sun, she saw Suite Rebus at the keyboard, and she could not hide her disappointment.

His gaze was upon her once again. “Is that any way to greet me?” he asked.

3)“Let me show you what we really are to each other.” He played a tortuous composition.

She was mesmerized by five facets of fashioned folly – all having features changing like a rumor behind a silhouette.

While you are thinking catch the petal.

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