Play the music for the enigmatic who are like twisting winds of guesswork.
One blue note button fits a scenario snippet to the music. A dynamic red note button awaits the longer version of the ebook story and music.
1) She felt as though she was pulled into a spellbound adventure of musical flair. When it subsided, it was like she had been on a sonic roller coaster. Something she had been yearning for was finally being aroused. I hope this is just the beginning, she thought.

2) Her clock struck twelve o’clock midnight, and she began to hear music. It was unlike anything she had heard before. She met face to face with the figure and he smiled. It was Farrago.

He mimicked her guitar playing in a silly self-absorbed manner, fluttering his fingers about with the air of a maestro, and then gesturing toward her manuscript. “The music from your concert program is over with. It’s time to switch your program to what’s really going on,” he spoke. “My music will take you on an excursion of self-discovery and titillation...

3) Upon seeing the drawing of Farrago, she began to envision the importance of his role… You will be the ‘phenomenissant’ manager of my dreams, and set them free. You will have flawless fortitude and supreme expertise will be your forte!

While you are thinking catch the petal.

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