Play the music for the peaceful who see the end as something special.
One blue note button fits a scenario snippet to the music. A dynamic red note button awaits the longer version of the ebook story and music.
1) The dancer whirled on the ball of her foot to turn and prepare for a leap, then halted after taking one stride. The accompanist kept playing.

Truchsia took several slow steps backward, still somewhat interested in the dancer’s poise, and also curious about who was playing the piano.

2) “Why, thank you.” The dancer said, while adjusting her leg warmers. “I’ll be auditioning for a new production. The producers are still looking for a name for it,” the dancer smiled. The piano lid shielded the face of the accompanist seated at the piano.

3) From her new angle of view she could see the pianist’s face as he was playing.

“There is something familiar about that music. Where is it from?” Truchsia asked.

“It’s theme music, metaphorical of the rhythmical flow of daily life with its emotional ups and downs,” the dancer said while practicing a perfect arabesque movement.
While you are thinking catch the petal.

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