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In this tale of wonder an illusionary eccentric director takes from twenty characteristics of Truchsia's perfectly planned design, makes music for his amusement and puts a spin on everything to upstage her plan.  Solve the puzzle of what he really is by matching the lines in the amusement hall to the tale's true repertoire and getting the entire suite in order by venturing out into the streaming, downloading online outlets for the complete tracks of The TW Suite and matching the music titles to the ebook chapters.
"A visionary work...An exciting piece [of music] that takes the listener on a real journey...Compelling modern classical piece that encompasses strong melodic contact and great musical movement - never a boring moment." -Jason Miles, New York based grammy award winning musician/producer

Ebook for orchestral mp3 music

In this mystery novella Truchsia battles
with a crafty director over music
to be real and true to herself. (Synopsis)
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Orchestral mp3 music for eBook

She has to love her music and the way it makes her feel.
The melodies Truchsia hears are only an
album of music away - available at online music stores.

Interact with Elements in this Sonic Playground

Orchestral music for fun in a concert hall playlisted as a puzzleSample music from the (hand drawn) director's playlist, visit the amusement hall and see the repertoire:

The playlist shows to everyone the director's style of musicality, the amusement hall displays his sophisticated air to his audience of looky-loos and the repertoire gives them an old school program to make everything they see and hear fit together.

However, the director is as fragmented as a jigsaw puzzle, everyday is like an impromptu dance and everything can only come together when you own the world's first cyber tale of music and hear the suite in its entirety.
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A Concert Hall Playlist of Characteristics

Amusement Hall of Sophistication and An Old School Repertoire

                              Amusement Hall    |  Repertoire              

How to enhance an ebook story with mp3 music in 5 steps How to enhance an ebook story with mp3 music in 5 steps Epilogue

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